City By The Bay takes center stage in ‘MURDER ON POTRERO HILL’

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MURDER ON POTRERO HILL author, ML Hamilton has a love affair with the city of San Francisco. She has conceived five novels with this stunning American City at the center. (Our slideshow here highlights the settings in MURDER ON POTRERO HILL.) When I asked ML about her connection to the City by the Bay – she had this to say:

ML: “ I grew up in San Francisco, just down the coast in a little town named Pacifica. There’s no way to spend so much time in the City by the Bay and not have it become an indelible part of your life. I learned to drive in Golden Gate Park, I attended Day on the Greens with Journey singing Lights, I saw The King and I at the Orpheum Theatre when Yul Brynner was alive, and I was crossing the Bay Bridge when the ’89 earthquake struck. To this day, I get a lump in my throat whenever I see the San Francisco skyline. San Francisco has been and will always be home for me.

Before every murder mystery comes out, my sons and I take a trip to the City to walk the locations where the novels take place and to take pictures. All of the photography on the front covers was originally done by my youngest son. The cover designs themselves are done by the wonderful Karri Klawiter.

 After each visit, I write something that happens on our trip into the book. In Murder on Potrero Hill, the scene where Jake and Zoe work in the community garden happened while we were visiting. In the latest book Murder in Chinatown, my oldest and youngest sons were quite shocked to see some of the…ah…fertility statuary in the shops in Chinatown, which also made it into the book.”

KH:  I’VE SEARCHED MY WHOLE LIFE for a place to call  home. I envy ML her connection to the great city of San Francisco. Leave a ‘Reply’ below for STORYTELLER and let us know where you call home…


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