Good To Be Back

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here. I come back to this blog, poking around from Twitter feed to Home page photos to Audiobook listings like blowing dust off the furniture in the summer house.

Nothing is up to date. But it is still solid and certainly worth yanking off the dustcovers and putting back into use.

It has been a little over three years since I have posted on this blog. Life took many directions – from The California Institute of Technology, to the Griffith Observatory, to the highways and byways of the State of California for Sprint (if you can believe that).  During that time I continued recording audiobooks.

Now I have come home again. My primary focus is audiobooks. And am I ever glad to be back. Back to slippers and dogs and husband as engineer. Back to my over stuffed wingback in my recording studio, living in my imagination surrounded by the words and scenes of dynamic independent authors.

I just finished recording yet another ML Hamilton novel, WEREWOLVES IN LONDON. As you can see, several of the earlier posts here focus on ML and her heroine, San Francisco homicide detective, ‘Peyton Brooks’. Thankfully, my collaboration  with ML stood the test of time. It was, in fact, the one professional relationship I maintained while I was working around  as ‘tinker, tailor, solider, spy.’ In that time, we finished The Peyton Brooks’ Mystery series – all 8 stories. Peyton is all grown up now and working for the FBI. WEREWOLVES… is audiobook #3 in this new series. Should release early June 2017!Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 1.37.04 PM

I’m excited to start relationships with several new authors. Our next project is with Sandra Kyle. I think it will be a smash success – A BUILDING PASSION – first in the DIY series by Sandra. I think these stories are bound to capture the attention of that vast and ambitious Do-It-Yourself crowd. They are lovely romances, that get quite steamy, with contemporary and fun characters facing real life obstacles that block their desire for love and happiness. I think Sandra is on to a very successful series and I’m thrilled to be narrating it for her.

Our most recent release is SHARPE EDGE, a Cozy Suburbs Mystery,  from the accomplished author  Lisa B. Thomas.  ‘Deena Sharpe’ is Lisa’s retired high-school-teach-turned-detective heroine whose family and friends populate the colorful township of Maycroft, TX. I look forward to working with Lisa over the several installments she has planned for Maycroft, Deena and her friends.

We will be back with the third installment of the award-winning Alcott Family Adventures with  SPICY CHOCOLATE written by the ever fabulous Dawn Greenfield-Ireland. All the zany folks from Houston, TX are back including Dorothea’s metaphysical house manager, ‘Joseph Chung’ and eerie, mystic Mexican, ‘Uncle Tito.’

Look also for next-in-series WHISPERS OF THE SERPENT, from CL Roberts-Huth. ‘Zoe Delante’, clairvoyant criminal consultant, has always been one of my favorite characters. And congratulations to CL on her PINNACLE BOOK ACHIEVEMENT AWARD (Best Book in Paranormal Suspense) for first in series WHISPERS OF THE DEAD.

We’re back! Look for us here, at and at our new blog THE LAST SHIKSA RETURNS . And of course join us on Twitter and Facebook. Thanks for your support!




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