5 Reasons Audiobooks Are An Author’s Best Friend

Paper and pencil, typewriter and ribbon, computer and keyboard. Add a good imagination and an author is ready to rock. But any writer paying attention knows independent publishing is the fastest growing market in entertainment today. This is largely due to the digital world. In order to get your art to your audience, a digital presence is imperative.

Not every writer is facile in the world of 1’s and 0’s. How to begin to put together an audiobook can be daunting. Heretofore all you needed was a good idea to have a book. Now… platforms, audio files, expenses, formats, uploads…. There are plenty of reasons for procrastination and avoidance.

Here are 5 reasons to get into the audiobook game…

  1. COMPETITIVE REALITY – To be taken seriously in today’s publishing marketplace a writer must have an audiobook. Look at the offerings of any author who’s made a Top Ten List. If a writer does not have an ebook and audiobook the consumer’s perception is that they are out of date; not in touch with current trends, ideas, issues, or beliefs. And quite possibly, regardless of genre, neither are their stories.
  2. SALES GROWTH – “Audiobooks are the fastest growing segment in digital publishing …” according to Good e-Reader Global Audiobook Report for 2019. Paperback and hardback sales have held at a constant rate for several seasons and ebook sales have actually declined. Your audiobook(s) is an integral tie to your outreach as an author and consequently the growth of your business.
  3. AUDIENCE EXPANSION – See #2. And add to that, the willingness of the listening audience to crossover and support well-liked authors in other formats. Double down with the knowledge that many listeners will also read a specific title (think of it as reading the book, then ‘listening to’ the movie). Many also read along while they listen (particularly in the case of nonfiction).
  4. VIABLE REVENUE STREAM – You can make a substantial income from your audiobooks. How? Listeners consume more content. Many independent authors see a greater cash flow from the sale of their audiobooks than from their print and ebooks. Explanation: See #2 & #3. Add the news from a national annual consumer survey conducted by Edison Research and Triton Digital. “For the first time ever, a full half of all Americans age twelve and older have listened to an audiobook, up from 44% last year (2018). Speed is a big priority for audio-loving book fans: 40% of them agree that ‘audiobooks help them get through more books,’ while 56% of those who consume both written and audio formats prefer audiobooks when trying to ‘get through books quickly.”
  5. ARTISTIC DEVELOPMENT – When the relationship between writer and narrator is right, magic happens. In the best of cases, meaning the author and narrator have developed an intimate collaboration, a new form of art is revealed. At the very least, the occasion is ripe for the development of your writing and the expansion of your creativity. Independent author ML Hamilton comments, “After working with Kelley on so many projects, I realized I had changed the way I write, meaning I’m more aware of the way my writing sounds. I think it’s made me a more nuanced author, taking other sensory avenues into account when I create a new work.”


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